Why us?

Buying a land or property in Africa


As an African, either you’re at home in your respective countries or abroad, buying a land or a property back at home is a dream come through for most, but can also become a nightmare. In this pursuit, majority of us get attracted into buying in the major cities such as Lagos, Accra, Cape Town, Kumasi, Abuja, Ibadan, Nairobi, Johannesburg, Cairo, Casablanca, dar es salaam, Ile Ife, Tunis, Luanda, Kigali, Durban, port Harcourt, Abidjan, Kampala, Dakar etc. In as much as this is a dream for most Africans, one of, if not the biggest obstacle that stops this from happening is the usual theme and occurrence of how to safeguard their money from being duped by family members, impersonate individuals or land fraudsters. You also hear the occasional terrible and unfortunate stories of people who have lost their acquisition to the government or fraudulent real estate companies in Africa.



Why buy with us


With the difficulties individuals are presented with when trying to acquire a land or property, at Afriland estate we have made sure all proper channels are followed, rules and regulations are adhered to. we also have top legal individuals who work with the best legal firms in Africa, making sure all paperwork in relation to your purchase goes through the right channels, fully vetted and checked with the respective department within the government of any country or individuals who could lay claim to any purchase. We are a registered and regulated company at home and abroad. Moreover, we give a full guarantee in relation to any acquisition with us. Buying with us is much straightforward and safer as we will use your finances to your request and requirement, which in turn gives you peace of mind.



Why sell with us


In a brief period of time Afriland estate has been able to assemble a portfolio of high-quality investment assets and projects all over Africa. our aim and vision are to continue our growth trajectory, whilst remaining highly focused on rigorous analysis and the economic fundamentals of every project.

Our track record, experience and strength of brand puts us in the perfect position for financial maximisation on your land or property.


*over 5000 Africans living abroad, and investors are drawn to our brand and marketing activities each month

*we follow rules and regulations and abide by necessary code pf practice.

*All fees and terms and conditions are clear and upfront, no hidden charges.

*we achieve over 95% of the asking price for every land and property sold by us

*our in-depth knowledge and experience means we know how to get your land or property sold quickly.

*we offer a free land and property valuation if you decide to sell with us.

*you will only liaise with a maximum of people through your journey with us.