Payment and fees


All payment will be made to Afriland estate as we have structured, regulated and maintained channels which we make use of in order to make sure your payments are used for the right purposes and goes to the right individuals or company. We give full guarantee on any payment made to us for any purpose, whether it’s to buy a land or property. We will also refund any loss of money due to negligence, misconduct or wrongful payment on our path. we cannot take liability for any payment made directly by the buyer to any individual or organisation. Any payment made by the buyer to individuals or organisations acting under false pretence is at your own risk.

Our payment details will be made available to any customer after an agreement has been reached. We accept bank transfer, card payment, cheques, standing order and cash payment (depending on the amount of cash).



All our fees are inclusive of the total price in each of our advertisement. We find It’s a lot easier and convenient for our clients and customers to make one single payment to us rather than multiple separate payments. When you receive your receipt, there will be a breakdown highlighting each payment covered by each transaction. Unless stated otherwise, this is our fees ethos.


Payment Plans

We don’t expect all individuals planning to purchase a land or property to have ready the full financial payment all in one go. With that in mind we have created various payment plans to suit every need. If what we already have isn’t ideal due to your financial commitments, we can structure a new plan to help accommodate for this payment. Each advertisement has its own unique payment plan which has been designed to the requirement of the owner. When a payment plan is changed to accommodate the buyer, we will need the approval of the owner before the change of payment plan can be agreed to. Unless stated otherwise, this is our payment plan ethos.